Emily The Little Match Girl (U)

Based on the classic Hans Christian Andersen Fairytale ‘The Little Match Girl’, with the voices of David Bradley (The World’s End, Hot Fuzz and Harry Potter) & Lesley Joseph (Birds of a Feather and Night & Day)

After the sudden death of her Grandmother, Emily is taken to the local match factory by the towns corrupt Constable. Here, Harry ‘The match maker’ and his wife Mary, exploit the children to sell their matches in exchange for lodgings and a warm meal.

On Christmas Eve, Emily struggles to sell enough matches to keep Harry and Mary happy; and what money she has made is lost in a drain. Deciding to stay out, to avoid any punishment, Emily strikes a match to keep warm. The matches take her on a magical journey, eventually reuniting her with her Grandmother.

In the meantime, Emily’s new friend Anna decides to leave the match factory in the middle of the night in search of Emily. On her journey she teams up with Richard, a well-to-do young gentleman who has ambitions to help the children after learning of their treatment.

Will they succeed?

Will Harry and Mary get away with their business endeavour and will the other children be saved?

All will be revealed in ‘Emily, the little match girl’

Following the screening – In person Q&A

Creator & director Matt Hickinbottom will be at Fairfield Flicks to take your questions.

Admission £4.00 per person – Young Children to be accompanied by an adult

Ratings Information (May contain spoilers)

The film has been certified Universal (U) Suitable for all. There are upsetting scenes, mild threat and very mild violence

threat and horror
There are scenes in which children are threatened with being beaten by adults. In one scene, a man threatens to backhand a boy for not doing his job satisfactorily. There are verbal references to children being beaten and going missing in an unregulated match factory. One character must brave an extremely cold night for fear of being reprimanded for losing her earnings.

There are upsetting scenes in which characters, including a child, are found dead.

There is slapstick violence in which a woman hits a man across the head, as well as more serious verbal threat of violence towards children.

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Oct 27 2022


11:00 am



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