Film Quiz Answers

August Bank Holiday Film Quiz 2020

1) What year did box office records begin?


2) What is the highest-grossing fully-animated film at the global box office?

Frozen 2

3) Which James Bond film is the highest-grossing in the UK so far?


4) Among the following three films, which took more money at the UK box office


5) What is the only film in the global box office top 100 to date that is not in the English language?

Wolf Warrior 2

6) How many candy kanes are awarded to Glen Coco in Mean Girls?


7) Which English rock star lobbied to play the role of FranknFurter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

Mick Jagger

8) In The Big Lebowski, how many times does Jeff Bridges’ character The Dude say the word ‘man’?


9) The Princess Bride is beloved by so many. What year did it first hit cinema screens?


10) Which film has taken the most money at the UK box office in 2020 so far?